Darkness depth of the Shadow

Were Darkness ends and the shadows begins

1 April 1986

G’Day, my names is Darken. I live in Melbourne, Australia. I've been a furry for years. I have attending my first con, Further Confusion 07, where I wore my first ever suit, Byakko Tiger. I plan to make more cons, seen I had a blast at this one.

I'm 6'3 tall, mid-build, I'm an easy going guy, like to get to know people first before judging them, I'm Half Aussie and Half Lebanese, I like to make people smile and have a blast when I'm around, I like to be in groups and be the clown of it, I like to listen to friend problems and try to work out and help in anyway I can, I’m a friendly guy never shy to say hello. I’m also a Volunteer worker at Melbourne Zoo, and RSPCA Burwwod, working with animals. Love fursuiting, and having in suit. So if their something you want to know about me, pop me IM, I don’t bite……promise ^_^

 View My Fursuit Videos Byakko at MiDfur 07 photo SV400088.jpg Lord Shadows - Deviant Art

I also Xbox Live and my username is DarkenTiger, So add me I'm always free to chat and vs in games...
DarkenTiger's Gamercard

I also have PS3 and my PSN is DarkenTiger, So add me I'm always free to chat and vs in games...

I also have MySpace, Facebook and Twitter so have a look and add me!!

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FFTf3acs A-- C+ D+++ H++ M- P+ R- T++ W-- Z Sm>m RLCT a cmn++ d+ e+ f h+ iwf j+ p sm#